Data-Driven Marketing

More informed decision-making
For 27 years, MKP has pioneered innovative ways to use data to segment audiences and personalize messages. Our proprietary data management processes for mail file development, variable messaging and verification provide for defect-free production and execution of print, mail and journey-based digital experiences of the highest quality standards.
Data Intelligence Programs

Now, MKP is excited to offer its Data Intelligence Programs, an even more strategic way to leverage data to optimize your marketing. Our DIPs are premised on the fact that, when you listen carefully, your data can unlock valuable insights and answer questions like:

  • What significant patterns exist among your customer base? How can you meaningfully segment your customers? What matters to each of those segments?

  • What messages are actually being heard? What do your customers really think of your brand and products, and their experiences with them?

  • What is the best campaign for the moment to maximize return on investment? How can you best define audiences and hyper-target messaging and media?

  • How can you find new customers similar to your most valuable existing customers?

  • What are the “next most likely” products to market to grow share of wallet with existing customers? How and to which customers?

  • When are the critical moments in the customer lifecycle? When is the best time to make contact and how?

  • What are the pain points your customers are experiencing?

Your data is trying to tell you something! Hear what it has to say, and act on it.